Mexico City & Miami – Nov. 11, 2019 – Wundertec and WebvoZ are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership comprised of joint commercialization and technological exchange of respective portfolio targeting US Domestic SMB market.  Combining Wundertec’s industry leading Enterprise IT next-gen technology services management with WebvoZ LLC’s “Data over Sound” IoT protocol integration services (WebvoZ™) and state of science Business Intelligence Data Analytics (BIDA) services (Intimatone™’), provides promising speed to Digital Transformation at comparable advantage to our SMB clients.

With information technology, IoT and Analytics playing a dominant role in gaining competitive advantage over established Enterprise-SMB business models, the pursuit of Digital Transformation faces significant investment’s on digital solutions that not necessarily play to the core advantages of the established business model. To ensure client’s remain on the competitive edge without de-focusing on core competence, the Wundertec-WebvoZ partnership brings together deep skills in technology assimilation and integration, Digital Transformation ideation and development embracing IoT, Big Data & Analytics as a comparative advantage in supporting Enterprise and SMB clients through successful digital evolutions. 

Wundertec and WebvoZ strategic partnership

“The Wundertec-WebvoZ partnership is a powerful combination addressing US Enterprise Market. WebvoZ’s understanding of complex digital IoT interactions at a business and technical layer and its deep Data Analytics expertise, is uniquely complimentary to how Wundertec’s strategy scales as a Near-Shore software factory. We believe this helps Enterprise SMB’s to assimilate, adopt and adapt these technologies into products and services,” said Carlos Lavin, Wundertec’s CEO.

“With clients across +12 countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa, penetrating US – North America through WebvoZ is ripe for success, this partnership will allow us to drive far more business impact for our Enterprise clients.” “Partnering with Wundertec to deliver comparative Digital advantage and speed to transformation for our joint SMB clients will potentialize Intimatone™ Business Intelligence & Data Analytics offer and enhance WebvoZ™ Data over Sound IoT adoption. With Wundertec’s superb Lean/Agile execution in expediting successful Digital Transformations in conceiving strategy, designing, building ad-hoc next generation transformative enterprise and digital products and platforms,” said Guillermo Planos, WebvoZ LLC CEO. “Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of digital transformations at a comparative advantage – and place our clients on the best path for success in the new digital business landscape”.

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About Wundertec

In Wundertec we have an objective: Be control masters.

We know that for you that you have a business, regardless of size, improving your performance is an everyday challenge. In Wundertec we offer you solutions to streamline and improve your processes, make them more efficient and effective. We are a software factory, that is, we build any mobile or desktop system for areas of operations, financial, human resources, marketing etc.

We reduce the operational gaps between our customers’ current systems and their real operating needs.

With a personalized service, Wundertec is your business partner at all times; We accompany you at every step of the process until you regain control of your company and generate the results you expect.

About WebvoZ LLC

The abstraction of WebvOZ™ creates a unique pronunciation to “Magic Web” while translates phonetically from Spanish into “Eggs”, suggestive metaphor of the encryptive technology protocol for wireless data transmission via inaudible sound/audio to electronic receiving devices. WebvOZ™ concept provides understanding of the process by which this unique technology allows electronic devices to communicate by data encoded as inaudible capsules (“Eggs”).

As WebvOZ™ encryptive “Eggs” or Data Capsules – once nested within the Device – triggers IntimaTone™ as to “Wake-up” pre-provisioned App behaviors  by “unpacking” IntimaTone™ and delivering an audience experience. IntimaTone™ embraces user experience providing digital reports about service data consumption from users’ mobile devices. This is derived through the consumption of WebvOZ™ tones and pre-provisioning user-friendly data capable of being read, heard, or otherwise understood by context-aware audiences.