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Universidad del Claustro faces the digital transformation

The process of the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana coincides with its fourteenth anniversary.

There are numerous sectors that have had to intensify digitalization to remain competitive; Education is no exception. Therefore, given the power that information technologies represent for the organization, the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana has initiated a process to experience digital transformation at an advanced level and improve its value proposition. Wundertec has been the technological partner of the institution.

When there is a broad educational offer, in the case of the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, with thirteen programs ranging from careers to masters and the continuing educational program. This poses one of the most difficult administrative challenges that associates with the management of resources, especially when there is one of the most important gastronomy schools in the country. Furthermore, the development mainly seeks to improve the administration and control of the budget in all areas, just like Carlos Lavín said, CEO of Wundertec and project leader. “It is an effort for internal or back office work that will be reflected in various ways in the university and will allow for designing better strategies,” he added.

Project approach

To address the case, it was necessary to make a thorough review of the processes and incorporate the concepts associated with defined objectives. Subsequently, in the manufacturing phase of the creation of platforms, components and alignment of the elements; this incorporates different systems into one. Such as, the design of new user interfaces for data loading and more efficient information that flows, employing intelligence and process automation. “We work on a tailored solution according to trends in analytics and data visualization,” said Lavín.

When the implementations are successful, the organization can experience improvements in terms of costs; administrative and response times, information control and relations with suppliers. Even so, for this to be effective, the transformation must not be merely technical; “There must also be a willingness to welcome a new paradigm by users and collaborators,” said Lavín.

In general, the education sector in Latin America is perceived as lagging in terms of digital transformation and the adoption of disruptive technologies. However, due to an increasing access of digital enablers, this segment is expected to reach higher levels of technological maturity in the coming years.

Wundertec’s proposal for the education sector includes various edges to optimizes management. Contact us for more information.

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