When your business is out of control comes to slow growth and reduce profits.

Environment conditions aside, which you are no able to drive, when your business is out of control could be the hardest thing a Manager could face off, and, considering in business everything is quantifiable, there is no talking about a sensation only but about certainty that something is wrong… and could get worse. Having this in front, good news is there are tools capable to empower those who decide. We are referring to Information Technologies (IT) developed specifically to ease compliance of projected business goals.

Control, as a basis in business administration, requires to executives verify actual organization behavior through indicators set upon each area. That allows to measure, to detect deviations and to apply corrective actions; nevertheless, being management not conducted thru this way, the course of business is practically left at mercy of assumptions, what multiplies risks; thus, once relying on technology to define strategies, it is important to make clear about possibilities current software market provides to planning phase.

Production logistics 

Having a tailor-made Operation Control Platform, each link of supply chain can be optimized, including relationship with suppliers who agree become part of internal system in order to track what can be modified from outside. Factories also apply Predictive Analytics to reach a full and effective purchase and supply management, driving their production into an on-time and low-deviation program, matching expected sales and following budget. 

Sales and customer service 

It is hard to correct sales strategies once feedback of commercial performance and Customer Service respond is not proper neither updated. Today, when products and services are totally focused on satisfying customers, this is an essential issue to work in. Using right software, a Manager can access sales data sort by branch, terminal and/or vendor, allowing him/her to check performance and to apply corrections almost in real time. On the other hand, services indicators can be subject of thorough studies aiming to guarantee full satisfaction.

Accounting and Finance 

Cash Flow and Assets Management are, both, main attention points. Getting a well-developed system in accordance with business requirements and growth rate, it is possible surpass traditional-accounting-software capabilities to boost operations performance. We talk about unified and reliable information database streaming, automatic with full communication flow framed by a safe environment in compliance to global standards.

So how to get control?

Technology came to make life easier. Taking advantage from it becomes crucial to reach optimization levels demanded by business environment, thus, next time you feel your business is getting out of your hands, review how IT are applied in your company. Ask yourself: how much benefit is my company obtaining from current system? And, is that technology aligned with my goals? As long you take to answer these questions as closer your organization will be to an edge no one wants approach to.

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